Ireland Day 6

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This morning I met 4 Americans at breakfast from LA, Los Angeles, not Lower Alabama, and they told me about a place to stay in Sligo. They were finishing a W.B. Yeats tour of sorts and were headed to the airport. After breakfast I headed out to cross the country and go to Donogan on the West coast. I made it to the middle of the country about noon and called home and talked to mom and dad for a few minutes and then headed on. As I passed through Sligo and a bit north I saw a car park and some cool scenery, so i stopped for a while and it just so happens that the poet W.B. Yeats is burried there, so I took a few minutes to photograph that and the scenery. I made it to a little town called Ballina that was brightly colored and on the ocean, so I stopped to look around. I parked and took off walking and walked through the downtown area and off to a beach about 1.5 miles away from the car and when I got there the wind picked up even more that it already was and then started pouring rain. I, of course, left my jacket in the car, so by the time i got back to the car I was soaking wet! I drove on another 40 or so km to the town and found a free car park and went to the castle to see if I could catch the last tour for the day, but it was already in progress, so I'll go back tomorrow. I stopped in a small shop and bought a christmas candle holder (green of course) and some postcards. I asked the lady at the counter if she had any recommendations for a place to stay, and she was very helpful (and she was orignially from Boston, and has lived here for 9 years), and called several places until she got me a room. She was most helpful! I'm staying at a place called "Island View" The room has two single beds and a bathroom just off the room, but attached and all mine. The shower has an on demand electric water heater. Before I went to the room, I stopped at a pub for a bite to eat and had a grilled sandwich, with ham and cheese, it was only about 5 eruo! It was very good. I met a couple of guys that were from Cape Cod and were here on a golfing vacation. They were laughing about the really crappy weather today. They said they played 3 holes, and decided that playing in sideways rain was not their idea of fun. One of them told me of a wool mill where there are hats and sweaters and such for fairly inexpensive. I think I'll putz around here tomorrow and then head south, maybe stop in Sligo and hang there for the evening, we'll see. I think the only stuff to see here is Donegal Castle and scenery, so I'll see a bit of that and then move on.

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