Ireland Day 5
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I woke up, took a shower and was treated to a wonderful Irish breakfast of bacon (Irish style, more like country ham), sausage links, an egg, hashbrowns, and a small cooked tomato. I had orange juice and coffee to drink. It was very nice. I then headed out to Newgrange and Knowth, where I spent about 3.5 hours. It is a passage grave site with three large graves. The graves are called passages because of the passage that leads from the outside to the center of the structure. The passage was built first, then there was a great mound constructed on top of it. Then I went to the ruins of the old Mellifont Abbey and did the tour, then drove to Monasterboice cemetery and saw the tallest high cross in Ireland. Then it was on to the Hill of Slane, where St. Patrick lit an Easter fire which was in direct disobediance to the local pagan ruler and so began the Christian revolution in Ireland. After spending some time on the hill, I went to the town of Slane proper and got some food. Irish stew to be exact. I only need to eat two meals a day if they're all like this! It was a huge bowl, shallow but large bowl, with some broth in the bottom, barely enought to cover anything, and it had halved potatoes, about a pound of beef, some carrots and some celery. It was delicious and extremely filling. Then back to the B&B to write this and attempt to get a handle on the 150 or so pictures I took today.

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