Ireland Day 4
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I hit the atm, missed the 11:00 bus to the car rental place, and then decided it would be better to take a cab since I had both bags to deal with. So I got a cab and the cabbie was helpful pointing out things of the road. Oh, you can't make a turn on red, no turns whatsoever, unlike home. Then comes the extreme worst part of the trip so far, I had to drive. It was absolutely stressful, and I had intended to go South, but the rental agency was on the North side of Dublin and I didn't want to drive back through the city, so I headed North. I finally got east enough to see the Irish sea from a town called Skerries and did a bit of filming and took some pictures. I was also stressed about driving at night and not already having a place to stay, so when I got to Draugheda, I called a couple of places in the B&B book and they were all booked for the night, so I had seen many signs along the road for other B&B's not in the book, so i just started driving and pulled into one called River Boyne House. There was no one home when I rang, so I drove a little more, just around the corner and found an attraction of sorts, The Battle of the Boyne site. It was very basic, only a small car park (that's a parking lot) and a small building with an office, which was closed, and restrooms. There were some signs, so I started reading and walking. It went a long way and there were some other sites with great views and good interpretive signs so you could see how the battle happened. One of the walks took me through a gap in a wall and out a gate (more on the gate later), across a road and through a sheep field! One of the fields I walked through had hay bales in it, and they were huge square bales. I put my driver's license on top of one to give some idea of just how huge they were. After that walk, I went back to the B&B and there was a guy home who gave me a room. He was quite friendly and gave me a homemade map of the local area and told me of a pub in the local town. I went and had a chicken breast, which was as big as a whole chicken, and chips. He also told me about the local sites to see, so I planned out the next day after getting some of my pictures straightened out.
Oh, the plug adapter I purchased for my laptop is the wrong plug, most of (97%) of the plugs here are the British style, so I tried running it off of the 50W adapter I got for charging my cameras and it didn't work for long. So later after working off of battery power, I plugged it in to let it just charge the batteries, and it stayed on about 15 minutes before overheating and turning off. I left it plugged in and after it cooled down it came on again, so I just let it cycle all night and when I woke up it had done enough to completely charge the batteries and everything was cool... Later I realized that every single power supply I brought with me is a universal kind, so if I had just obtained the correct plug adapter I could have carried only it and not the voltage converter!

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