Ireland Day 3
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Today I went with Scott the Canadian to see Dublin Castle and St. Stephen's Green. I spent a bit of time on the internet making a post to the blog, since it was my last day in Dublin and I don't know if internet access is widely available across the island. After touring Dublin Castle... not much of a castle anymore, we went to the exhibit at the library. It was the Chester Beaty exhibit. He was some guy that was rich and collected a bunch of stuff and when he died, he left it to, I think it was to the city, maybe the country, anyway, it's on exhibit. It was a lot of Asian and Japanese artifacts and clothing and such. He also had some pieces of papyrus that had original greek stuff on it. After that we went to the National Museum. It had a nice layout and many artifacts and history stuff. They even had two mummies on display in the ancient Egypt section. One of the coolest things they had was a skeletal remains of a guy they found in a bog, he still had part of his leather coat! On the way back I took some pictures of a random street that had some cool window box flower planters, the first I'd really seen in Dublin. It made for an interesting random street. I realized that I was suppose to pick up the car today, but didn't make it, so I called and let them know I would be picking it up tomorrow, then headed out to the grocery to get some food. I got a half loaf of bread, 2 liter cola, couple of apples and some tuna for less than 10 euro, which is gonna last me a couple of days for the cost of one meal out. Afterwards, Scott and I headed out to a pub I heard playing live music on my way back from the grocery. I hung out there until a little after midnight, then headed back to the hostel, and went to bed.

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