Ireland Day 8

Example HR

I headed out South today and stopped at a little place called Glencar where there was a nice park and a waterfall. I continued South and made it as far as Galway. When I got there I found a shopping center and parked in the corner and took a two hour nap. I really needed it from not getting enough sleep the night before! After I woke up I looked through my guide books and figured out where all the B&B's were and went that direction. I guess it was about 5:00pm when I got a room. I then walked by the bay to the city center and found some Chinese grub. The proprietor here told me of a pub just up the street that has live music every night starting about 10pm, so I went down and listened for a bit. I met a lady and her mom who were in town to visit some family and it ended up that they were staying in the same B&B as I was!

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