Ireland Day 14

Example HR

I started the day by heading back in to the town of Waterford, and I toured the museum at Waterford. I think it was by far the best laid out and probably the largest museum I've visited. I also bought some shampoo and some candy bars. Here in Ireland, there is a lot of Cadberry candy, and it's pretty good. I got some of it to bring back and share. I also obtained a cardboard box and packing tape, so I can pack the gifts I bought and check them as luggage. I wandered around town for some time after that and just people watched. I was kind of planning on heading East to Wexford today, but after looking at the map and how far it is to Dublin airport, I decided to just head north, and stop someplace north of Kilkinney. I stopped at an abbey ruin called Jerpoint, which was quite impressive. I stopped in a little town called Carlow, and got a room at the Carlow Guest House, which had 25 rooms! It was much more like a hotel than a B&B, but it was quite nice. I walked into town and got a bite to eat at a place called John Tyndall's. I ate chicken curry, very unlike me to eat chicken at a resteraunt, and with good reason. After I ate I walked around town a bit and considered watching a movie, but decided to go on back to the room. About 2am I woke up puking my guts out, and this continued on and off all night, stupid chicken.

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