Honduras, Central America

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I took a missions trip to Honduras, Central America in July of 2005 with Shine Missions. There were 44 people in the group, ranging in age from 14 to 54. While there, we accomplished a huge chunk of work. Here's the listing view of what we accomplished.

This was an incredible trip with beautiful scenery and really nice people. The culture is much more laid-back than in the States and much more enjoyable! We worked hard and had relaxing (however short!) evenings in which to enjoy the weather. Oh, the weather... it was as close to perfect as could have been hoped for. We were in a mountainous region and the daytime highs were near the mid 80's. Below are some sort of organized pictures of some of the different stuff we did.

Tegucigalpa Airport and Traveling: Lots of bags and lots of people. Also some pictures from the bus ride from Tegucigalpa to San Marcos de Colon.

Church Services Sunday: Morning service in Choluteca, evening service in San Marcos.

Hotel Stuff: Views of and from the nicer hotel (not the one I stayed in)

Town of San Marcos de Colon: There is a story behind these two pages of pictures... The month of July was the celebration of the patron saint of San Marcos. This results in parades and mariachi bands in the back of pickup trucks. The first page of pics shows this. The second page shows a similar scene, but at night. Well, to be more precise at about 4:30 AM. These guys for 3 days straight had an early morning parade. I'm still not sure if they were getting started early, or finally wrapping up the night. Anyway, after I took these pictures, they circled the block and eventually broke into a long rendition of "la cucaracha", and you thought only children sang that silly song!

Church Worksite: This is where I spent the bulk of my time. There were some really cool guys working at this site and we moved about 15 tons of sand into the floor to fill and level and pack down. The locals did all of the masonry work before we arrived and still had some to go. They will also cap the floor inside with concrete.