Alaska Trip
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I took a trip to Alaska the last two weeks of August, 2003 to see Tom and Corinna,
some friends that have moved to Anchorage. He's in the Air Force and is a PA (Physician's Assistant),
and she is a long-time friend and mentor.

I arrived on a Saturday night about 10:00PM and we all went down to the bay to look around.
Not that exciting, except that it was still daylight outside. I took a panoramic shot of
of the Anchorage skyline (all 8 buildings). I've posted a whole bunch of pictures of different
parts of the trip... enjoy! ...If you're on a dial-up modem these will take some time to load!

Alaska State Fair: I took some pictures of the lumberjack show, along with two pictures of scenery.
There is quite a bit of accompanying video to the fair, but it's not in a way to be posted yet.
It shows the 130 pound head of cabbage and the 35 pound head of cauliflower.

Elmendorf Air Force Base:

Hiking to Byron Glacier: Some really pretty scenery and a picture to prove that I was really there.

Moose: Some of these need touching up, some have been touched up... you get the idea.

Aircraft Museum: This was a museum dedicated to the history of aviation in Alaska.
They had two hangars full of planes and several planes outside.
I tried to get a picture of all of the planes they had there.

Wildlife Museum: This wildlife museum was on the Air Force Base and had probably 70 or so mounts.
I only took a couple of pictures. I'm not sure one is bigger, but one of the brown bears in these pictures
is only 1/8" short of being a world record for size!

Anchorage Bay: Just a note of interest... these pictures were taken at approximately 10:30PM.
Yes, it was daylight outside at that time.

Trip to Portage Glacier: This is the trip leading up to the hiking to Byron Glacier.
There are lots of great scenery shots in this including some sunset pictures.