Personal Information
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Hello all... here's my page. Hope you'll stick around long enough to get to know just a little bit more about me and my life.
After all, these days, acquaintances that begin in cyberspace are often the most scary, vivid and life-threatening....

Some Background

I was born in Nashville, TN (country music armpit of the world, aka guitar-town, aka nastyville),
but my family soon gave up the city life for the country. So I grew up both in the midst
of the urban takeover by Romanians and in a cow pasture. Add to this the fact that both my parents
are as loony as I am, and you'll find it a small wonder that I'm something of a computerphile.

I graduated from Pleasant View Christian School in the spring of 1994 and that fall started college at FWBBC
in Nashville, then added Nashville State Tech to study electronics engineering.
After a bit of that I decided that I wanted a real degree and went to Cookeville, TN
to attend Tennessee Technological University, where I met lots of people and learned extrodinary amounts
of data. I graduated in May of 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, minor in mathematics.
I concentrated in telecommunications and digital design. Kind of ironic that I went to work for the electric utility
when I really despised the classes relating to power the most :-)

I now work for Nashville Electric Service and live in downtown Nashville, Tennessee.
I have a great house in a good neighborhood with good neighbors and my wonderful dogs!
I'm working on my CCNA and CCNP certifications and am looking forward to the
opportunities coming down the pike! In the meantime, I'm just hangin' in there
touring the world (Ireland at least) and the country and having fun!

My Resume or CV

This is my resume (CV), but it is the expanded version. If I were using it to apply for a job it would tailored to fit,
but since this is open for anyone to be able to see it, I've included just about everything. Just in
case you were wondering, I am a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none kind of guy. In the electronic
arena I can design about anything, and I have experience in most all areas of computing including my CCNA
as well as manual labor, so if you're really wanting a well-rounded employee,
I could be your catch!